One of the Christmas presents I got in 2013 was a year’s membership of Fitmums & Friends. What a great gift this turned out to be for a whole host of reasons! Here are some of them:

  • Have seen my overall fitness improve by attending the Fitness walking sessions on Wednesdays in Cottingham, plus by joining some grass track and hill sessions
  • Became a member of  Fitmums & Friends Cottingham Committee and helped launch the Walk as a Fitness Walk rather than a “ramble”
  • Trained as a Leader by attending the  England Athletics Leader in  Running Fitness course (LIRF) and regularly lead the Fitness walk
  • Have seen members progress via the Fitness walk to be able to run one, two miles and more and transition from the walking group to running groups  
  • Likewise have seen walkers who want to remain walkers progress – to such an extent that we are entering a “walker” relay team for the Hull Marathon in September
  • Became a Support worker for Fitmums & Friends Ante/Post Natal Depression  Group (PND) which has recently extended to support individuals to improve their mental & physical health and wellbeing through exercise, in relation to a wider range of issues including Bereavement, Unemployment, anxiety  and depression
  • Joined Fitmums & Friends Choir which raised lots of money for Charity last year and is doing the same this year

Take a look at the recent University of Cambridge research conducted over twelve years across Europe. This research found that there were twice as many deaths per annum from inactivity than from obesity. By taking at least a 20 minute brisk walk each day, we can reduce inactivity deaths by 7.5% and a brisk walk gives substantial benefits to health, fitness & wellbeing  

So in conclusion – why not join Fitmums & Friends? I can guarantee you will get fitter, make lots of new friends, find a supportive environment for achieving your exercise goals, have fun, and have the opportunity for personal development, attending social events & making a difference to others’ lives.

Jan - Fitness Walk Leader, Run Leader, Volunteer Supporter (PND Support Scheme) – Cottingham Fitmums & Friends


It's official - walking is REALLY good for you! You don't have to jiggle or get very hot but you can still enjoy real health benefits by making a twenty minute walk part of your day, every day. And to make the week a bit special, why not join a Wednesday fitness walk with Fitmums? We do a varying route round Cottingham, chatting and walking briskly. It's for all ages and abilities. You will be warmly welcomed and supported. We don't expect you to become a runner - we love walking just for itself but if you want to use our fitness walk as a route into running...be our guest!

Amanda (far right) with Assistant Coach Team.


Amanda – Fitness Walk Leader, Assistant Coach & Newsletter Editor – Cottingham Fitmums & Friends


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