Some members of the choir said….

“No….. we can’t sing at all”

But they were proved wrong on Saturday night

When they sang at the Civic Hall


Now they didn’t have much time to learn

These songs they sang so well

But their words poured out

And there was no doubt

They were definitely top of the bill


The children sang with all their hearts

With actions that matched the beat

Their little faces full of pride

As they tapped their little feet


I watched with joy as they performed

Ruth’s brilliant repertoire

And they even had some funny guy

Sing and strum his old guitar


They sang so well…. what can I say

I had to dry the tears

Who would have thought?

This choir.…..  well taught

Would fill the air with cheers


The sound they made

Just filled the air

Yes…. filled it with delight

We clapped and listened

To the whole rendition

We heard throughout the night


Now when you ‘Wish Upon a Star’

And make your dreams come true

And make the world a better place.. for you… and you…. and you…!

And see the people smile…… and smile

And hear the voices sing

Oh what joy we all feel

Full of the joys of spring


By Cottingham member Gerry.

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