Here are some of your leaders for Dearne Valley Fitmums & Friends


Name: Gayle Marie 

What made you join Fitmums? I was asked by my friend Fleur to join and maybe to become a run leader. It was a scary thought at first, but I am so glad I did it.

What was your original goal? I did not have any goals apart from keeping my self fit. I remember Fleur asking me if I had any goals, and my reply was “ I'm not bothered about doing races or anything, I just want to keep fit”

What else have you done?  I have run lots of 5k, 10k races and I've done 3 half marathons. I have done a Pink Collar boxing event where I trained for 8 weeks and then took part in a charity boxing match raising £350 for a local charity…(I won!) and I am just about to do my first Tough Mudder event. I am a Run Leader, a Visually Impaired Guide Runner and a First Aider.

What are your plans for next year? I will continue to run and enjoy being part of Fitmums. I would like to try more obstacle events to really test myself.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining Fitmums? I never ever would have thought of myself as a runner. Being part of Fitmums is like being part of a family. We all help and support eachother in and out of Fitmums, it's because of the fantastic support I have done so much! No-one gets left behind, there's no such thing as being at the back! Come and share some smiles and miles with us.

Name: Andy Coy

What made you join Fitmums? I had been running for a few months when my partner had a break from running, to have our second child and she suggested I join Fitmums & Friends so I could pick up some tips and run with others until she was ready to start again.

What was your original goal? To run under 10 Minute miles over 5K

What else have you done? I have not only succeeded in my goal, I have run a few Half Marathons and Edinburgh Marathon in my first year of running. The support I have had from Dearne Valley Fitmums & Friends to achieve this has been fantastic.

What are your plans for next year? I am looking forward to offering the same support as a run leader that I have received so far. To get a sub 2-hour half marathon and run another marathon. Oh and plenty of PBs

What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining Fitmums? Do it! The hardest part is getting out the door. Once you have done that you will meet some fantastic supportive people. Whether you have never run before or you are a seasoned marathon runner Fitmums & Friends caters for everyone so come for a run with us this week and I’m sure you will get the bug and be back next week.

Name: Lisa Seamark 

What made you join Fitmums? Dearne Valley Fitmums has grown up around me. On a cold January night in 2015 I first met Fleur and Gayle for a run. Fleur was about to attend the Run Leader course. She came back the following week so excited about some people she had met from a running club called "Fitmums and Friends." Fleur contacted Sam and the rest is history!!

What was your original goal? I had had my little boy in April 2024 and had managed to get back to 5k on my own but I was about to return to work. I had a deferred place in the Great North Run and needed something to get me back out there consistently.

 What else have you done?  Since joining Fitmums I have continued to run consistently. Before I would sign up for an event train and then stop! In January 2016 I completed the run leader course and am now part of the Dearne Valley run leader team.

What are your plans for next year? It all depends on what happens this year!! The sub 2 hour half is still as elusive as ever.I'm pretty sure I'll still be running the Dearne Valley miles challenge.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining Fitmums? Come and experience a session with us. I had tried other running clubs before Fitmums and had been left on canal paths and made to feel I wasn't good enough. I have never felt this at Fitmums.

Fitmums has a big family feeling. We may be lots of smaller groups but if you are wearing the pink or blue of Fitmums at an event or race you will get a cheer or a smile whether you are from the same group or not.

Name: Andrew Gaunt 

What made you join Fitmums? Having spent the last few years on and off exercise, yo-yo weight and not really settling on anything (mainly due to cost and being a Yorkshire-man) it was my wife that introduced me to the running club. Following the arrival of our daughter she had been attending classes and sessions and was introduced to the running club. Being the supportive husband I am, I picked up my shorts and headed on down with comments like “I’m not one for running with a group”, “I’m not getting any of those running leggings” & “I’m not paying to enter any races” (again the Yorkshire-man coming out). 6 Months on and I’m now run leader and coordinate attending alongside childcare, want another set of leggings, a regular to Parkrun, completed my first 3 race events and signed up for 2 more this year. Having lost 2 stone, gained a great circle of friends and being able to support people really wanting to make a difference I feel great…… things change!

What was your original goal? Original goal was to support my wife and maybe lose a couple of Xmas pounds in the process.

What else have you done? Unfortunately due to a very demanding job and family commitments this has been the only real change this year but I’m hoping to get more involved in community development activities as projects die down.

What are your plans for next year? My first half marathon is planned for this year, I would like to do a marathon but let’s not be too hasty J. I think getting to grips with my leader duties and building the team will be a definite focus.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining Fitmums? Give it a try, it’s one of the most supportive, collaborative and fun ways to get into fitness or back into fitness. The coaches and leaders mean you’re receiving the expert advice and motivation you need and don’t forget the social aspect!

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